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SALLY MATSON  performs as Margaret Bourke-White...

The ground-breaking photographer of the 1930's, 40's, and 50's captured the beauty of industry at the Corning Glass Works, Chrysler, and Republic Steel.  Her ability to make powerful machines look like art was  just what the country wanted in the 1920's, when we were worshipping industrial expansion.  Then, as the Depression brought heartache and despair, she began to concentrate on the people behind the machines.

In this presentation, you will hear about her adventures climbing on skyscrapers, leaning out of airplanes, going into war zones.  She covered life during the Depression, went on a bombing mission, photographed  Stalin, Churchill, Patton, and Gandhi.  She had an indomitable spirit and a craving for attention.   This was a woman determined to be the best, and the first!   She was the 1st photographer hired by Fortune magazine in 1929, the 1st western photographer allowed into Russia in 1930,  and she had the lead story and cover of the inaugural issue of Life magazine in November, 1936.


"I want to do all the things that women never do."

"Machine parts were being made from molten steel; there was the sudden magic of flowing metal, flying sparks.  I loved that."

"No, I won't faint.  I'm not the fainting kind."