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Also visit Susan B Anthony, the Invincible!


Since  2002,  Sally Matson has appeared in thirteen states as  Susan B. Anthony, the Invincible!     Now, audiences will discover another woman  whose fearless and indomitable spirit will inspire all .  

Come to see the artistry of

Margaret Bourke-White, Courageous Photographer.

Sally Matson graduated with a B.S.from Northwestern University  and a teaching degree in English and drama.  Upon graduation she performed for the Department of Defense in the Pacific.   Moving from state to state for her husband's career, Mrs. Matson took writing courses from the University of Virginia Extension and Manhattanville College.  She wrote and hosted programs for CT Cable Television and has acted and directed for forty years.  Research at Syracuse University's Bird Library helped to bring Margaret Bourke-White to life.

Organizations:    Solo Together, American Association of University Women,

Andover Historical Society, National Women's History Project, National Women's History Museum.