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Also visit Susan B Anthony, the Invincible!

Fantastic presentation! One of the best I have seen.  Excellent grasp of history-love her reference to the terminal tower because I grew up in Cleveland.

Very worthwhile, informative but also entertaining.  Felt I got to know Bourke-White and her drive.  

Answered most questions with great depth and broad scope.

Nashua Public Library  Nov, 2014

“Thanks so much for bringing your Bourke-White presentation to the Brookline Senior Center. I attended the event expecting simply to hear a lecture giving me some insight into Margaret Bourke-White and had no idea I was going to see a one-person show.

The level of craft you brought to the presentation was extraordinary. I particularly appreciated the chronological structure, and the gradual unveiling of images. Some of them I was familiar with but most I was not. It really enriched my understanding of B-W’s entire career.

There were some touching moments as well, of emotional and life-affirming truths, which made it even more universally appealing.

The Brookline audience had lots of fun questions, and you handled them deftly. I was impressed that you did in fact pursue the appropriate permissions to use reproductions of B-W images. You did the right thing. I used to work in publishing, and I understand that copyright does include the right to control the presentation of images. So, just because these images are available online doesn’t mean they are legitimately so.

Lastly, I would like to commend the “editing” aspect of your show. It showed considerable care that you were able to pick highlights of Bourke-White’s career in a way that resonated with the audience without bogging down in any particular detail or area. What a delight.

I was glad to see you have a nice roster of upcoming performance. I will be recommending people attend nearby ones.”

William I. Johnston ǀ wij@theworld.com ǀ http://wij.theworld.com

“I am so grateful you could come for our opening meeting last week.  Our membership was thrilled by your performance. Here are a few select quotes:

"The best event I've participated in during my years with the club."

"What a huge success! Thanks for a great night…… inspiring, educational and fun"  

 "Wonderfully engaging performance."

Please do let us know if you ever put together a program about  Dorothea Lange:).           Erik Gehring - President, Boston Camera Club     Sept 10, 2013

“This past Sunday, April 7, the library, in partnership with the Leominster Historical Society, welcomed acclaimed actress Sally Matson as Margaret Bourke-White, Courageous Photographer.  She held the room spellbound for over an hour; she brought lots of great information for people to look at before and after the program: copies of LIFE and FORTUNE magazines and articles, etc.  Sally used diaries, letters and telegrams to help tell Bourke-White’s story; she had everyone laughing as she read, in a perfect Southern drawl, the telegrams from a lovesick Erskine Caldwell trying to lure Margaret home (Honey chile...”).  She also uses reproductions of Bourke-White’s work in her presentation which were just gorgeous.”

          Diane Sanabria    Leominster Public Library   Leominster, MA  4-11-2013

"You are an amazing actress, portraying courageous and adventurous women in American history in a manner that brings them to life…as if the audience was actually meeting the character on a very personal level.  It is clear you have done your research as witnessed by your presentation and the discussion following the presentation. It was wonderful that you included actual photographs of Margaret's work in your program.

We wish you had another program to present.  Both Susan B. Anthony and Margaret Bourke-White are definite "winners" for programming."

          Jan Grace    Wood Memorial Library    South Windsor, CT       9-19-2012

"Bravo, Sally!  Judging from  all the positive feedback, I would say that your performance today was a success and that your program was thoroughly enjoyed.   I have received many phone calls from members, and the consensus is that you should continue performing rather than retire after "Margaret."  You surely bring history to life.

          C M      Cape Cod Hospital Auxiliary                                            10-02-2012

"I can't shower enough praise on you for your superb portrayal of Margaret Bourke-White last night here in Manchester, VT.  First of all the script was first -rate.  It was obvious that you spent a great deal of time researching and then weaving the research into a riveting monologue chock full of fascinating details about this amazing woman.  So many people commented on what a fascinating program it was- and it flowed so well.  Your acting talents were in top form.  Thank you so much for introducing some of our community members to Margaret Bourke-White and expanding other's knowledge of her  It was a wonderful evening."

           C W      Mark Skinner Library        Manchester, VT                    1-02-2013              

Audience Reviews Sally Matson as Margaret Bourke White Photo by  Tim Becker-- Creative Images